The history of the Conference

  • October 1995The First International Conference

    The first International Conference on "Enterprise in Transition" was held in October 1995 in Supetar, on the island of Brac. It was the first conference, on this particular and also emerging subject, organized in Croatia. The aim of the Conference was to encourage professional discussion of transitional problems of enterprises with the goal of providing answers to at least some of them. More than 60 papers (75 authors) from 7 different countries were presented at the Conference.

  • May 1997The Second Conference

    The second Conference was organized in May 1997, in Brela. It was a logical continuation of the first Conference, which confirmed importance of the subject. The growth of the Conference was supported by more than 150 authors from 19 different countries who presented 110 papers, most of which were concentrated on finding adequate solutions for specific transitional problems.

  • 1999The Third Conference

    The third conference was held in 1999 in Šibenik, and by that time it was already considered as one of the largest and most important ones on transitional problems, by the number of participants (more than 200 from 30 countries) and papers presented (145).

  • May 2001The Fourth Conference

    In May 2001, the fourth International Conference on Enterprise in Transition was organized in Hvar, on the island of Hvar. More than 200 authors from 30 different countries with 155 papers have contributed respectively to the success and expansion of the Conference. It was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, his Excellency Mr Stipe Mesic and Croatian Chamber of Economy. The organizers are proud that the Conference has their support ever since.

  • May 2003The Fifth Conference

    The fifth Conference was held in May 2003, in Tucepi. The Conference expanded even further with 287 authors from over 30 countries and 164 papers presented.

  • May 2005The Sixth Conference

    The sixth International Conference on "Enterprise in Transition" was organized in Bol, island of Brac, in May 2005, with over 200 authors and over 110 papers presented. In May 2005 the Conference celebrated its tenth anniversary. During the first ten years of its existence, it has evolved into an important scientific forum which bears the features of the most significant conference of this kind in southeast Europe.

  • May 2007The Seventh Conference

    The seventh conference was also held in Bol, in May 2007. The Conference gathered over 150 participants, and its Proceedings, containing 109 papers, were for the first time indexed in the EBSCO and EconLit bases.

  • 2009The Eighth Conference

    The eighth International Conference was held under the new name - Challenges of Europe with a focus on investigating the challenges of Financial Crisis and Climate Change the world has been facing. 63 papers were presented by more than 85 authors from 15 countries.

  • 2011The Ninth Conference

    The ninth International Conference was held under the name: Challenges of Europe; Growth and Competitiveness - Reversing the trends. It gathered more than 160 authors from 21 countries and 81 papers were presented. The goal of the Conference was to tackle problems and issues related to growth concepts for the future, the role of financial markets in the neoliberal agenda and in the new growth concept, sustainability of the public and external debt, mobility of capital and labor in Europe and their effects, the role of business finance, accounting and marketing, knowledge-based and innovative entrepreneurship and competitiveness. There was a special note on a discussion on different models of corporate governance, varieties of capitalism and the resilience to the crisis. This, IX. Conference opened the discussion of the importance of enhancing competitiveness in dynamic and unstable times that was used as a platform for the following International Conference.

  • 2013The Tenth Conference

    The tenth International Conference gathered 30 respectable scientists from all over the world in the Programme Committee and significant number of the interesting and relevant papers. The aim of the International conference "Challenges of Europe" continued to be putting the European economy and its role into focus especially now when global economy is troubled and recovery slow and weak. Sustained structural reforms aimed at enhancing competitiveness would be necessary for countries to stabilize economic growth and ensure the rising prosperity of their populations going into the future. The mission of the X. International Conference "Challenges of Europe: In Quest for New Competitiveness" was to foster knowledge transfer and benchmark the factors underpinning new competitiveness in the modern challenging economic environment. The Conference was divided in two parts; the scientific part with lectures and paper presentations and second "hands on experiences" by presenters from the business sectors focusing on European Fund acquiring and their predictions for the future. Introduction lectures for each part have been given by two of the most respectable economists in the world at the time; professor A. Deardorff from Michigan University (USA) and professor J. Bachtler, director of the European Policy Research Centre-a (UK). Apart from the lectures, a roundtable discussion was organized that gathered CEO's from most respectable Croatian companies, who gave their opinions on the subject matter and answered many questions.

  • 2015The Eleventh Conference

    The eleventh International Conference “Challenges of Europe” named “Growth, Competitiveness and Inequality” was held in Hvar and it featured more than 200 participants from all over the world producing more than 100 relevant scientific articles which made this Conference the biggest and the most important gathering of economists in the Republic of Croatia in 2015., as well as one of the most important in the region. The crown of our 20 year work were distinguished key note speakers led by two time Nobel Laureate prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz, prof. Peter Nijkamp, one of the most influential European economist, as well as prof. Jan Svejnar, recipient of one of the most prestigious IZA Institute (Germany) award in 2015. Except of scientific contribution and establishment of cooperation between scientists and business experts, the International Conference allowed our partners direct insight into the latest international scientific and professional trends in the field of economics. In this way, the Conference was strongly and practically used to encourage the development of the Croatian economy.

  • 2017The Twelfth Conference

    The twelfth International Conference “Challenges of Europe” titled “Innovative Responses for Resilient Growth and Competitiveness” was held in Bol on the island of Brač in May 2017. It gathered more than 300 authors from all over the world and was a place where more than 140 relevant scientific papers were presented. We can proudly say that our Conference has become one of the most important scientific gatherings in the region where scholars and practitioners from different countries, cultures and backgrounds meet and discuss contemporary economic issues. Our distinguished guest speakers in 2017 were Nobel laureate in 2014 prof. Jean Tirole (Toulouse School of Economics), prof. Cars Hommes (University of Amsterdam), prof. Andrés Rodríguez-Pose (LSE), prof. Dražen Prelec (MIT), and Mr. Robert-Jan Smits (EC) who presented the most recent and cutting-edge knowledge and research findings. A special attention was paid to PhD students and young researchers who were given the opportunity to present their work to their peers and experienced supervisors, who then provided them with constructive comments, advice and feedback on their work. During the Meet the Professors’ breakfast, young researchers could have an informal conversation with the professors. All participants were also given a chance to get (practical) insights into publishing opportunities during the Meet the editors’ sessions. Finally, we can confirm that Conference provided significant and invaluable insights into the latest international scientific and professional trends in the field of economics and business.

  • 2019The Thirteenth Conference

    22nd -24th May