The Future

The experiences that were shared and debates that took place during its first two decades, clearly point out that it is difficult, if not impossible, to set the rules which could be applied to all (economic) situations and all societies. Thus, researchers still have a lot of work to do and many questions still have to be answered in an adequate and acceptable way. This provides a framework within which the Conference can further develop. Indeed, apart from the important questions concerning the improvement of business performance on all levels, and the ones referring to the ability to create conditions for increasing profit, there are also questions which refer to the adequacy of the dominant concepts of economic science. Therefore, one has to wonder whether the economists and scientists have fully considered the social reality at the beginning of the third millennium and whether the obtained achievements are satisfactory.

So far, the Conference has gathered over 1,600 scientists from more than 55 countries and has been established as an outstanding economic forum. Numerous relationships among the researchers have developed, several international projects have been carried out and the communication between the scientists from Split and Croatia and many significant centres of economic science has been considerably improved. Many productive friendships have been established, many joint papers have been produced, and many cultures and attitudes have met and come closer together.

Bringing together people from different societies, networking, promoting excellence as well as scientific dialogue and activities aimed at policymakers and governments to create policies that will accelerate social progress and promote public welfare remain the Conference's main interest and its mission in its third decade. Additionally, we are specially oriented and dedicated to PhD and young researchers, with the final aim to help them to build and improve their skills and abilities as well as develop their critical thinking. Finally, our mission is, in due time, to be recognized as one of the most important conferences in Europe.