Researchers and PhD students will have the opportunity to participate at the session(s) with journal editors who will be attending the Conference:

Session 1

Chairperson: Maja Ćukušić

  • Pepa Kraft - associate editor, European Accounting Review
  • Martin Messner  - editor in chief Accounting, Organizations and Society


Session 2

Chairperson: Joško Brakus

  • David J. Reibstein - Editorial Review Board of International Journal of Research in Marketing and Editorial Review Board of Marketing Letters
  • Joško Brakus - Editorial Board of MARKET-TRŽIŠTE and a member of the editorial review board at the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of International Marketing
  • Costas Katsikeas - Area Editor of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies


Session 3

Chairperson: Mislav Radić

  • Davide Ravasi - Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal
  • Martin Kilduff - Former editor of Academy of Management Review (2006-08) and former associate editor of Administrative Science Quarterly


Session 4

Chairperson: Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

  • Peter Nijkamp - Editorial board member of Regional Studies, Annals of Regional Science and Journal of Transport Geography
  • Hans Westlund - Editorial board member of Annals of Regional Science, Editorial board member of Research in Globalization, Co-editor of Springer Book Series Advances in Spatial Science
  • Andrés Rodríguez-Pose - Editor of Journal of Economic Geography, Editorial board member of Regional Studies, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, Journal of Regional Science, Papers in Regional Science and Growth and Change


Session 5

Chairperson: Zdravka Aljinović

  • Jakša Cvitanić - Co-Editor of Journals: Finance and Stochastics and Frontiers of Mathematical Finance


Session 6

Chairperson: Koen Pauwels

  • June Cotte - Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research
  • Koen Pauwels- Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Consumer Research, Editorial Review Board member of Journal of Retailing and Journal of Interactive Marketing

This event should provide valuable insights into the publishing process and writing for top journals.